Dogo Residenz

Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst is dedicated to artistic development, mediation and production of contemporary art. Opened in 2019 and located at the Rathaus für Kultur in Lichtensteig, artists get the opportunity to develop professionally. Artistic processes, as well as the resulting works are documented in the public online archive. Dogo organizes events together with the artists, such as discussions or experimental mediation formats. A further component of Dogo is the mediation of art. Dogo Kunstschule organizes a wide range of workshops and projects. The year is rounded off by the Dogo Totale, the group exhibition with selected works which have been produced during the year. Dogo was initiated by Hanes Sturzenegger, Julia Wäckerlin, Marcel Hörler, Maura Kressig and Sirkka Ammann.

Rathaus für Kultur. Photo: Hanes Sturzenegger

Rathaus für Kultur. Photo: Hanes Sturzenegger

Sonja Hornung, Sperre II, 2019. Photo: Hanes Sturzenegger

Photo: Hanes Sturzenegger

Patrick Ostrowsky, BURNING!, 2019. Photo: Hanes Sturzenegger