I'm the boss of my business, I should invoice

"I'm the boss of my business, I should invoice" is an excerpt from the lyrics of Ashnikko's song Working Bitch. In it, she discusses her sexual and financial independence. The exhibition title refers both to the precarious working conditions and to the urge for fame and success as a driving factor for independence within the art world. These two interlocking spheres stick to the floors of the exhibition spaces like chewing gum. Questions such as what can artists achieve? Is artistic work still a pleasurable activity or already a painful endurance? Or how can artistic independence still be maintained in the context of economic interests? are rarely answered in detail, and so in the end the payment slip usually remains as the last certainty of survival. For this little summer exhibition, Marcel Hörler, Mindaugas Matulis, Inés Maestre and STEVIL invited the artists Marco Siciliano, Mia Thermopolis, Steen Sperling, Aksel Bruk, Irem Güngez and Julia to show their work at Baby Angel in Zurich from 23 June to 2 July 2023.

Marco Siciliano, 338 chewing gum • welcome, 2023. Photo: Marcel Hörler

Mindaugas Matulis, Inés Maestre, STEVIL, Marco Siciliano, Mia Thermopolis, Steen Sperling, Aksel Bruk, Irem Güngez, Julia Nusser, 2023. Photo: Mindaugas Matulis

Irem Güngez, jail, 2023. Photo: Mindaugas Matulis

Steen Sperling, rough teachings, 2022. Photo: Mindaugas Matulis

Mindaugas Matulis, Greenest Grass & Business Horse, 2023. Photo: Mindaugas Matulis

I'm the boss of my business I should invoice, Inés Maestre & Aksel Bruk, Photo: Mindaugas Matulis

I'm the boss of my business, Inés Maestre & Steen Sperling. Photo: Mindaugas Matulis