Juicy, Texture excellent

“The new man will finger instead of handling – or acting – and seek only play and enjoyment” is how the philosopher Byung-Chul Han succinctly describes an everyday phenomenon in the digitally networked society in his essay In the Swarm: Digital Prospects. Everything seems within reach, at the click of a finger. Digital collections should also be more acessible. The work JUICY, TEXTURE EXCELLENT applies this phenomenon to the curatorial practice. The curator's finger selects and creates a direct connection to the work by moving over the surface of work. This violates the rules of the museum and is a dilemma for the curator, as he wants nothing more than to have contact with the work. The fruit art videos by Stephanie Sarley were crucial for the idea. In her short videos on Instagram she fingers juicy fruits. Because of this, her Instagram account has been blocked by Facebook several times. JUICY, TEXTURE EXCELLENT was created in collaboration with Lydia Perrot as part of the Combining Collections module. A virtual collection exhibition led by Bruno Bruno Heller, in the Master Art Education Curatorial Studies at ZHdK.

juicy, texture excellent. Marcel Hörler & Lydia Perrot