Marcel Hörler


“There is nothing more human than art. If art were not human, it would not be art. But not everything is art, is it? That is why the question of the quality and the mediation of art is much particularly exciting, since the focus is on its nature, and thus a meaningful thematic confrontation is made possible.”

Marcel Hörler is a freelance curator. His curatorial practice is characterized by a collaborative approach and lives from the uncomfortable. Accordingly, he realizes his projects outside of conventional and established exhibition spaces. He is driven by his attraction to the (in)human and his interest in cultural practices. Marcel Hörler holds a bachelor's degree in social work with a specialization in Socioculture from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and is studying for a Master of Art Education Curatorial Studies at the Zurich University of the Arts.


Plateaux Festival "Werte schaffen"

Sustainability is no longer merely a question of ecological events such as climate change, geographical features or agricultural technologies, but a question of production and consumption. The Plateaux Festival invites local, national and international artists between 20 April and 7 September 2019, to deal with questions and solutions in on the issue «Creating Values» within the framework of the ‘Froh Ussicht’ organic farm. The festival was conceived in collaboration with Mateo Chacon-Pino at the invitation of Martin Blum.. With artistic contributions by Artist Organizations International, Aurélie Strumans, Bergkrautsyndikat, Carina Erdmann & Anna Kindermann, Johanna Bruckner, Johanna Kotlaris, Kunsthaus Aussersihl, Martina Mächler, Matthew C. Wilson, Nino Baumgartner, San Keller, Simon Würsten Marin, Thomas Geiger, Violeta Burckhard Razeto, Wagner & Friends.

2019_Plateaux Festival_1
Froh Ussicht
© Martin Blum
2019_Plateaux Festival_2
Froh Ussicht
© Martin Blum
2019_Plateaux Festival_3
Froh Ussicht
© Martin Blum
2019_Plateaux Festival_4
© Martin Blum

Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst

The Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst is a unique combination of art production, art exhibitions, art mediation and a growing digital collection. Every year, the Residency offers artists living and working space as well as remuneration for a period of two to four months. It is located in the ‘Rathaus für Kultur’, a cultural centre in Lichtensteig - a small Swiss community that is actually larger than the Vatican and Monaco combined. The Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst opened on 1 March 2019 and was initiated with Hanes Sturzenegger, Julia Wäckerlin, Maura Kressig and Sirkka Ammann.

2019_Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst_1
Rathaus für Kultur
© Hanes Sturzenegger
2019_Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst_3
© Hanes Sturzenegger
2019_Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst_2
© Hanes Sturzenegger


Never before has mobility manifested itself in so many ways as today. Spatial, social and virtual mobility have long been among the basic principles and success factors of a globally networked world. As part of a two-week exhibition from 9 to 23 September 2017, Christian Eberhard, Collectif Chuglu, Damiano Curschellas, Gisa Frank, Lino Bally, Flurina Brügger, Iris Brodbeck, Marc Jenny, Matthias Rüegg and Robin Michel have developed works en route at three different traffic junctions in Toggenburg. The exhibition was created as a co-production between the Kunsthalle[n] Toggenburg and Arthur Junior.

Iifahre – Usfahre, Gisa Frank
© Hanes Sturzenegger
Ferrari, Robin Michel
© Hanes Sturzenegger
Gesprächsteppich, Flurina Brügger, Iris Brodbeck
© Hanes Sturzenegger
Immense comme un detail, Collectif Chuglu
© Hanes Sturzenegger
Please Wait Over There, Matthias Rüegg
© Hanes Sturzenegger

Imagine Rhythm

Imagine Rhythm used the expressiveness of dancing and filmmaking to overcome intercultural and linguistic obstacles. A group of 34 deaf and hearing young people from Armenia, Switzerland and Germany created a dance performance during ten days together with the choreographer Melanie Alexander and the dance coach Hayk Hobosyan and showed it in public space in the city of Zurich in August 2017. Through a inclusive approach, the participants could create their own movements, make use of their skills and integrate it in a contemporary dance performance. The whole activity was filmed on site by a group of participants interested in filmmaking in collaboration with the documentary filmmaker, producer Seg Kirakossian in order to document the learning process. The project was designed also for engaging the participants in social life and giving them knowledge on how they can implement social initiatives in the future. Besides the dance workshop, a group discussion was held, with a focus on the problems and needs of deaf people to promote awareness about the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The project was a collaboration between Subkult and Doctor Cinema NGO and was valuated as Best Practice by Movetia.

© Stefan Tschumi
© Seg Kirakossian
© Stefan Tschumi
© Stefan Tschumi
© Stefan Tschumi
© Stefan Tschumi


We want it, we need it, we do it, or as Barbara Kruger's slogan puts it: "I Shop, Therefore I Am". In three weeks, Catherine Xu, Samuel Koch, Nina Emge, Lucie Biloshytskyy, James Stephen Wright, Domingo Chaves, Edmée Laurin, Fridolin Schoch, and Martina Mächler had to give away six thousand Swiss francs, in one thousand franc notes - the most valuable banknote in the world - on the main shopping street in Wil. The artistic processes were documented and formed part of the exhibition, which took place from 9 July to 13 August 2016. The exhibition was produced by Arthur Junior. 

Limited Time Offer, Fridolin Schoch, Edmée Laurin, Fridolin Schoch
© Hanes Sturzenegger
Graphic Design, Badesaison
© Hanes Sturzenegger
papier. wert. papier, Lucie Biloshitskyy
© Lea Huser
Argent, James Stephen Wright
© Lea Huser
Limited Time Offer, Domingo Chaves, Edmée Laurin, Fridolin Schoch
© Hanes Sturzenegger

Arthur Junior im Dorf

For six weeks, Nico Kast, Helena Hernàndez, Rafael Koller, Molly Haviland, Thomas Etheridge, Aysa Stettler, and Dale Forbes Molina Bütschwil-Ganterschwil occupied a municipality on the Thur in the canton of St. Gallen. The site-specific animations, installations, sculptures and drawings, which were distributed throughout the village, were presented in workshops to around thirteen classes from the kindergarten, curative school, as well as the primary and secondary schools from 29 August to 11 September 2015. 

2015_Arthur Junior im Dorf_1
© Hanes Sturzenegger
2015_Arthur Junior im Dorf_2
Red Bicycle, Helena Hernàndez & Rafael Koller
© Lea Huser
2015_Arthur Junior im Dorf_3
Stories My Granny Taught Me, Molly Haviland
© Lea Huser
2015_Arthur Junior im Dorf_4
© Lea Huser



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