Catherine Xu, Samuel Koch, Nina Emge, Lucie Biloshytskyy, James Stephen Wright, Domingo Chaves, Edmée Laurin, Fridolin Schoch and Martina Mächler received six orange envelopes on 9 July 2016. Six thousand Swiss francs in thousand notes - the most valuable banknote in the world. The artists had the task of spending all the money on Obere Bahnhofstrasse, the shopping street of Wil. The works that were presented to the public from July 30th to August 13th, 2016 and were created from the purchased goods. Shopping dealt with a theme that has always moved society and the art world. We want it, we love it and we do it. From young to old. Whether conscious, ecological or wasteful. We shop, we choose and shopping should be fun, or not?! That's why the cross-media art project treated consumption as a act of life and asked questions. Questions about the commodity art, artistic work and investment in general. The artistic processes were documented and part of the exhibition, which was initiated by Arthur Junior and the City of Wil in collaboration with the graphic design studio Badesaison.

Fridolin Schoch, Edmée Laurin, Fridolin Schoch, Limited Time Offer, 2016. Photo: Hanes Sturzenegger

Graphic Design, Badesaison, 2019. Photo: Hanes Sturzenegger

Lucie Biloshitskyy, papier. wert. papier, 2017. Photo: Lea Huser

James Stephen Wright, Argent, 2017. Photo: Lea Huser

Limited Time Offer, Domingo Chaves, Edmée Laurin, Fridolin Schoch, 2017. Photo: Hanes Sturzenegger

Catherine Xu, 2017. Photo: Hanes Sturzenegger

Martina Mächler, 100%@work / do what you love, 2016. Photo: Hanes Sturzenegger

Domingo Chaves, Edmée Laurin, Fridolin Schoch, Limited Time Offer, 2017. Photo: Hanes Sturzenegger