Hox is a magazine for critical reflections on human-animal relations. Various artistic text and image contributions explore the question of what a shared future of humans and other animals should look like and what obstacles, fears and opportunities can be in this relationship. In October 2020, Hox No. 1 was published on an organic farm in the periphery of the Canton of Zurich by the publishers - Valérie Hug, Jakob Lienhard and Marcel Hörler. The magazine brings together artistic, aesthetic as well as analytical and scientific image and text contributions, combines in editorial terms call for papers and curation and sets a focus per issue. A complexly layered construct of subtopics is placed within an experimental design framework that allows the content to speak for itself. At the forefront of Hox is: the process of publishing, the process of designing, the process of understanding.

HOX No. 2. Photo: Fabienne Watzke

Noëmi Ceresola, Anthropornography 2.0., 2021. Photo: Fabienne Watzke

Leppyyyyy, 2021. Photo: Fabienne Watzke

Chi Him Chik, Performance. Photo: Fabienne Watzke

HOX No. 1. Photo: Mischa Schlegel

HOX No. 1. Photo: Mischa Schlegel

Jessica Jurassica, Claude Bühler, Im Zeichen des Hahns, 2020. Photo: Mischa Schlegel