Seemingly Unfinished

Seemingly Unfinished shed light on the beauty of the thin line that lies between the unfinished and the finished. The Roman author Pliny the Elder had already started reflecting on the concept of the unfinishedness, in his Natural History Book 35, by pointing out that unfinished works were highly appreciated because they offered more explicit information on the artists’ creative process and techniques. The exhibition presented seven works from paintings, sculptures, installations to embroidery by Fabio Guida, Laetitia Pascalin, Patrick Ostrowsky, Pascal Sidler, Sara Lavelle, Mickry 3 and Andrea Vera Wenger and allowed to investigate the artists’ intentions and their receptions on the audience as well as discuss social, psychological and philosophical aspects with the realm of contemporary art. The exhibition was divided in three successive groups (On Transparency, Under Construction and The Absence of Painting), that allowed to focus on different ways of questioning its topic. All combined granted the audience tools to decipher the complexity of an unfinished aesthetic in completed artworks. Seemingly Unfinished took place from 12th March to 2nd April 2021 at Kulturfolger in Zürich and was curated by Marcel Hörler and Michael Almeida.

Mickry 3, Do Not Enter, 2021. Photo: Andrea Vera Wenger

Sara Lavelle, Self-Portrait Minnesota Fall, 2016. Photo: Andrea Vera Wenger

Andrea Vera Wenger, Sibling, 2021

Pascal Sidler, Spiegelbild, 2019. Photo: Andrea Vera Wenger

Fabio Guida, Untitled, 2019. Photo: Andrea Vera Wenger

Patrick Ostrowsky, it makes me feel giddy, 2020. Photo: Andrea Vera Wenger

Laetitia Pascalin, Untitled, 2020. Photo: Andrea Vera Wenger