Transformations have always been part of cultural practices that fascinate and disturb at the same time. A living being that suddenly stops, apparently destroys itself and rises again as a completely new creature. From the privileged deities of the pre-Christian polytheistic religions to fantastic hybrid beings - half human, half animal - from legends, fairy tales and fantasy to complex metamorphosis images and stories in literature, the relationship between humans and animals is a frequently treated topic. In the wake of recent technological and medical advances, which make it possible to change bodies and exchange organs between humans and animals, or to breed human cells in animals, questions about a common future of humans and animals a new urgency. For the exhibition VEE (May 23rd to October 3rd, 2020) Badel/Sarbach, Benjamin Egger, Ernestyna Orlowska, Fridolin Schoch, Ina Weise and Patrick Ostrowsky made installative, sculptural and performative interventions on the agricultural farm Hof Blum in Samstagern. Performances, screenings and shows by Daniela Ehrsam, Ivy Monteiro, Maya Rochat and Soya The Cow accompanied the opening and the closing. Community, Body and Transformation were among the thematic focuses of the exhibition. Furthermore the exhibition was extended by farm talks with guests Antoine F. Goetschel, Viviane Ehrensberger, Jacques Fuchs and Hans Preisig and mimicry workshops, designed by Julia Wäckerlin and Pia Schwarz. VEE was created in collaboration with Jakob Lienhard, Valérie Hug and Martin Blum.

Vernissage. Photo: Stefan Tschumi

Patrick Ostrowsky, FIRE SIGHT, 2020. Photo: Stefan Tschumi

Daniela Ehrsam, Aerial Hoop Show. Photo: Stefan Tschumi

Soya The Cow, My joy, my choice, my juices, 2020. Photo: Stefan Tschumi

Benjamin Egger, my body is because of dogs, 2020. Photo: Benjamin Egger

Badel/Sarbach, Hotties in the Neighborhood, 2020. Photo: Mischa Schlegel

Ernestyna Orlowska, I’ve Been Feeling It Too (Chicken Farm Version), 2020. Photo: Stefan Tschumi

Ernestyna Orlowska, Nursing Tops & Mum Utility Pants, 2020. Photo: Mischa Schlegel
Fridolin Schoch, Knot Gathering, 2020. Photo: Stefan Tschumi

Ina Weise, 0,000005483149859%, 2020. Photo: Mischa Schlegel

Ivy Monteiro, Tituba.2Point.OH!, 2020. Photo: Mischa Schlegel